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Question: Is the standing rigging on the Halcyon 27 secure?

I am planning an Atlantic crossing. I am checking everything on the boat, bit by bit and am concerned that the shrouds and stays are attached to the upper deck by U-bolts.
Two concerns:
The first is that there are no chainplates, ad so the U-bolts are going to be changed.
The second is that the upper deck could, conceivably 'peel off' under stress, pulled off the hull by the U-bolts.

I am considering replacing the u-bolts with chainplates attached to the hull. However, this is an expensive and time consuming operation.

Can anyone advise as to whether or not there have been any incidents of the upper deck separating form the hull?

Any advice/ideas/opinions are very welcome.
Thanks to all...

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I had the same question on my NC31. I replaced the U Bolts in the deck with the next size up and installed larger backing plates under the deck. I have not had her in any open ocean storms however I have been knocked down a few times with no visible sign of deck stress.

If your using the existing standing rigging:

Make sure your shrouds have good toggles at the top and bottom to allow for fore and aft plus athwartship movement. Also check the tangs at the top for any cracks / crevice corrosion plus the spreaders and spreader bases. All the swages should be checked for crack / crevice corrosion also including the turnbuckles.

Hiring a qualified / reputable Marine Surveyor  or Rigger may be  well worth the $ to get his opinion. Either way a 2nd set of eyes can be very helpful in my experience.

Best of luck,


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Ye i did the same as Eric, replaced the steel rectangular plates with Stainless plates that were longer and slightly wider, alos replaced the U bolts.  Although it is hard to understand,  this type of fixing must be pretty strong. i have been through a "Yachtsmans gale" of 45 knots over the deck returning from Holland 2 years ago, and there was no visible signs of stress on the plates, and yes i did manage to get below to look at the windward plates! but not for long!! 


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