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Hello community members,

I am interested in a Mk3 Nantucket clipper that is for sale local to me, and would like to know of any particular areas that i need to look out for apart from the standard wear and tear on an old boat.

Do they suffer from Osmosis?
Engine is a Beta and looks clean and tidy.
Interior could do with a makeover.
Decks, do they suffer from going soft or rot?

Any advice or information would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Dear Mark
The Clippers were a remarkably strong yacht when they were designed an built, you are looking at the MkIII which had the full long keel and skeg hung rudder. The Mki & II have the balanced rudder to which there were a few issues mostly with water ingress. I have a MkII and rebuilt my rudder from steel.  I did do a full refit 15 years ago and am happy to shre what i found;

1) Deck cap rails, i decided to change the mainly broken cap rails for half rounded, when i took the old rails off there was an ingress of water from the balsa sandwich decks, after drying out i filled with a SP epoxy mixed with colloidal filler.
2) I changed my rudder but would advise you check the pintels where the rudder is hung
3) it is good practice to change the standing rigging after 15 to 20 years or if you are unable to determine its age - not too expensive and well worth while for peace of mind
4) some clipper owners have had rot issues with  bowsprit, there are a couple here that could give you more information, Master Guido and Ernst in particular.
5) Interiors it does help to refresh the interiors now and then from the 1970's look!  i changed my upholstery re varnished with matt varnish,  and laid "Tek-Dek" on the cabin sole
6) Windows and ports. Mine leak "a little" i am planning to change mine within the next 5 years

I see that you have a new engine the boats came with a Sab which was rather noisy, i changed mine to a Yanma,  The Clippers sail quite well, they will not win much silver in any races but will look after you, i sail mine on the East Coast of the uk, mainly in company with a Nicholson 32, together we regularly sailed to Belgium Holland and France and have managed to sail in safety through 45 knots of wind on the beam quarter - so i feel very confident in my Clipper!
Good luck in your purchase, i am not sure where you are buying from or sailing area but am sure that many members here could offer good advise on refitting your purchase.

Fair winds

Colne Clipper

why worry, be happy......

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Hello John,

Thanks for the response, much appreciated.

I am originally from Chelmsford, grew up sailing and windsurfing around Mersea island and Stone. Now live in South West Australia where I've seen a Nantucket Clipper for sale.


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Evening Mark.
Not far away from the Stone, I live and sail in Brightlingsea
I had many a pleasant  time in Oz whilst working for P&O South Austrailia and particulay Melbourne has some very happy memories!
I wonder if the clipper you are looking at was sailed over to Austrailia?
Let us all know how the purchase goes....

all the best


why worry, be happy......

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Hey Mark,
The Nantucket Clipper is a good ship, i would buy one if I didn’t already have one...
Not the fastest but surely one of the safest. Everything is oversize and strong.

Changing the bow plank was a nightmare for me but now I know how to do it, and can advise that it can be done.

Happy sailing,

Zonder geluk vaart niemand wel.
( .. Without luck nobody sails well..)

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Hello Ernst, Thanks for the information. I am waiting to hear back from the seller at the moment but they are proving to be quite elusive.
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