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Hi Carl
Yeah the Halcyon 23 were made by Seamaster and the hull number are only a run number for the factory one could be 2100 and the next one built could have a hull number of 2183 but they were built one after the other But Seamaster had built 82 other hulls in-between them.
Hope this helps
If any one is wanting parts or a whole yacht let me no as i am selling mine.

No time to do her up. She will be 50 this summer and has a petters twin with a new gearbox that has done 10 hours if that.

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Can someone send me a picture of the original hull plate of a Hacyon 27? So I can start looking around to buy one second hand.
I will give my email in PM.


"Sometimes you have to make holes in a boat to make it seaworthy. Very bizar."
from Restoring Suzanna Episode 88

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Sorry David I only have the H23 
Some name but apart from that everything is different

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