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Hi all,

I moved overseas a few years ago and left my Halcyon 27 in storage (outside, hard standing), having come back for the first time in 2 years I've found her to be in a bit of a state.

The lockers lids and cockpit sole have become porous and started letting water in, as a result she had water up to knee height inside, everything to knee level is slimy, and as its been a wet environment there's mold everywhere. The good news is that the hull, engine and internal bulkheads all seem to be in good state.

She needs quite a lot of TLC to get her back into sailing shape again, unfortunately I am back overseas again in the very near future so am unable to do it.

I need to find someone that wants to take her on as a project boat, I'm not looking for any money, just the knowledge that someone will get her back on the water, where she belongs.

She's currently lying on the River Blackwater in Essex, if anyone is interested please drop me a PM with your details.

Darren Holland.

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Sorry to hear that Darren, bit far away for me but hope you can find a good caretaker
Happy sailing,

Zonder geluk vaart niemand wel.
( .. Without luck nobody sails well..)

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Hi. I'm seriously interested in this, can you pm me with a phone no so I can call you? Thanks
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