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I left the boat in the water as late as possible, and got a bit of winter sailing in. Here's a video of a great sail in January with a couple of friends;

Then I got down to the serious business of sorting my foul bottom out... 


What work have you all been doing? All ready for the summer?





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Usual stuff plus full rewire of electrics. Ready for the summer, boats been in water for a month lol

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Had a huge amount of repair and maintenance work to do on "Idris" this Winter. Hauled her out of the Exe quite late due to having to finish her road trailer off then began stripping out her interior in order to gain access to the hull in the required areas.

Work done to date:
Remove prop, shaft, stern gland, cutlass bearing and knackered engine mounts.
Replace, and align above.
Proper, full engine service of wierd Lombardini thing. (valve clearances were miles out, pencil anode gone)
Remove siezed, corroded toilet seacocks, glass over holes and paint.
Cut out rotten bottom panel of starboard companionway bulkhead, make new, glass in and paint.
Cut out all broken tabbing to bulkheads and cockpit locker sides, reglass and paint.
Make up new saloon floor and bearers to replace delaminated collapsed original, glass in and paint.
Remove fore hatch, repair woodwork, varnish and replace.
Fit  extra deck cleats, cabin top winches and organisers to run haliards and downhauls to cockpit.
Seal various deck hardware leaks and around rub rails, varnish.
Repair/strengthen corroded mast head to forestay connection point.
New running rigging.
New cap shroud "U" bolts. (Old ones badly corroded and bent) DSCN1834.JPG 
Replace crappy, leaky plastic cabin vents with nice old bronze ones.
Repair some of the chips and cracks on deck and fit extra fairleads to prevent any more.
Complete rewire with the correctly rated, tinned cable and move battery into starboard locker.
Plus a bit of interior varnish work on rainy days.

Nearly there now so expect to be back in the water sometime in May. It's been really hard to stay motivated over the winter but she's looking good now and I really couldn't have used her for another season in the state she was in. Way too risky.


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Wow shoestring, you have been a busy boy,

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Did you ever find out the weight of idris?

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Well, the best I've got so far is from the crane drivers boom scales at haul out. He said that she's definitely over 2.5 ton but probably under 3. This is completely empty with no batteries or fuel. I'm still assuming 3T based on how she made my old Leyland tractor smoke shoving her back up to the road this week.

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That's a fair bit of weight then
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