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Hi all, 

Firstly, I'm so glad to see there is a community using the forum! 

To the point:
I must make changes to the server-account that hosts the OYCOA website. 

In order to cut costs, the website will soon move to a new address. 

Current address: http://oycoa.org.uk
New address: http://oycoa.ntury.net

Rental of the domain-name 'oycoa.org.uk' is paid up until July next year (2019)... It doesn't cost much, only £11.98 for two years. 

The cost of having a website and email addresses on a domain-name is significantly more than that. 

The changes I must make mean I can only host websites/emails on a single domain. The good news is I can still host on SUB-domains of whichever domain I keep. 

  • If you try to visit the website at oycoa.org.uk you will *hopefully* be redirected automatically to the new address
  • Email accounts that end with @oycoa.org.uk will stop working and, unfortunately, all email already in those accounts will be lost! 
  • If you have posted links to pages on oycoa.org.uk, they *may* stop working

I would appreciate it if someone could consider taking over responsibility for rental of the domain name and hosting of the website... If rental lapses, it will be hard to get it back! 

I will help with transfer of the domain name and the website itself. 

So it is very nice to see the forum is in active use by owners of Offshore Yachts!

My web-development activity has reduced to practically none, with regret I must make changes that reflect that. 

Tom Sharp 

Tom _~.......................
 _~)_) _~
\______t/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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thank you tom for the time that you put into the OYCOA i hope that a member steps up to help with your admin of the site.

all the best


why worry, be happy......

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Hey Tom,
Good to hear from you.
Please email / PM me, I’ll take care.

Happy sailing,

Zonder geluk vaart niemand wel.
( .. Without luck nobody sails well..)
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