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I sold my H 23 on eBay , after this guy won the bid I checked his profile, loads of never paid, time waster etc
Took a day off work to meet him , you guessed it he never showed, but text me to send him my bank details, which I declined and told him if he wanted it to pay by PayPal , never heard from him again .
So anyone wants a H23 for £800 message me

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I sympathise.  I have just sold my H 27 via ebay classified ad to an excellent buyer, who bought her for what she was, and seems likely to look after her properly, but only after 18 months of fantasists, chancers and time wasters, interspersed with a few genuine possibles who decided to buy elsewhere .  I wish you luck, hang on until a proper buyer turns up.

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This seems to be a common thing at the moment. Although its a buyers market, people seem to be wanting stuff for virtually nothing and non payers on eBay is becoming more common. I would suggest relisting it, but only accepting bids from people with 10 or more positive feedback. Put this in the listing.

A mate of mine has just won a bid for a Marcon Tomahawk 25ft yacht all fitted out (no engine) for £260 on ebay. He couldn't believe he won it for that price (I couldn't either). He collected it yesterday, so I am guessing everyone who wants a boat is chancing their arm at the minute?

Good Luck with the sale. Should you wish to sell the tabernacle keep me in mind - I still haven't built one yet!



Check out my Restoration Blog!

Add your Halcyon 23 to:


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I think I’m giving up with e bay, so many idiots , they bid, they win then never turn up I think they think it’s a game, so thinking of breaking her now, so If anyone wants a H23 fin keel hull with a working Volvo mdb2 , .no sails free ring me 01708 341801
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