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Hi, does the H27 have a cored deck? Have read contradictory reports on interweb

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Skirmisher's deck (1973, MOD batch) was definitely not cored.  The only weak spot on the boat was where the foredeck turned up to the forward end of the cabin.  A shallow crack used to from in the gelcoat there, and every few years would be raked out and refilled.  I always meant to reinforce the underside of the deck at that point, but access was difficult and I never did.  I have heard of a H 27 where the crack developed into a split, but that must have been result of some fairly heavy abuse, or excessively long period of ignoring it.  I used to urge my heavier crew to tread lightly on the foredeck, and avoid jumping about.


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No, Idris has definitely got a solid deck. She also has the cracked gelcoat along the forward corner of the cabin top where it meets the foredeck as mentioned by Skirmisher. I presumed it was due to some heavy abuse at some point but maybe not. Not serious though, merely cosmetic.
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