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Can anybody who  has carried out a 1000 plus mileage voyage let me know what their average daily run was.

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Hi, where you going, when you going and is your hull clean? All very relative for tides, normal wind patterns and hull efficiency. A dirty boat could reduce its hull speed by uptown 50% sailing in summer months is less predictable than spring or autumn, winter is just as bad as summer for unpredictable wind patterns. And how long is a day? I sail solo but sail 24hrs in open waters, coastal my day would be 12 to 16 hours depending on anchorage options

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I used to reckon that 100 miles in a 24 hour sail was reasonably good going, but was only possible with a fairly free wind.  To windward, that could be halved if the waves were the wrong length for the boat.  There were odd occasions when we would crack 120 miles, but few and far between, and generally rather uncomfortable sailing.

The great thing about a longer trip is that you get into the mindset that you will get there in the end (even when the engine does break down) , and life is not a frantic race.
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