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is it possible to change from,
a sabb engine with a variable pitch propeller,
a sabb engine with a usual propeller shaft and propeller?,
can it be changed with the engine in place?,
thank you,
with kind regards

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It should not be too difficult.  The reversing gearbox may need an adapter to mate with the back of the block, and might not be easily compatible with the old ahead/astern control lever, and you would almost certainly need a new prop shaft, but the existing stern tube could remain (ours in Skirmisher was kept when we changed to a Vetus engine and fixed prop box, and continued to do a sterling job).

The two engine hold down bolts would obviously stay in the same positions, but the aft bolt to the gearbox feet may need different holes in the engine beds.

Sorry not to be more specific, we bought a replacement Sabb with fixed prop gearbox, but cannibalised it for spares and kept the controllable pitch one in the boat, (which eventually occasioned the engine change when it packed up and stuck in ahead gear).  The fixed prop gearbox looked amazingly simple, and suitably bomb proof, pity we never fitted it.
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