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just spotted this
the clipper is just up river to me, she's in good nick, the engine was installed just after i had french marine install a yanmar for my colne clipper.......bargain?? 'tis a buyers market for sure

why worry, be happy......

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Looks a nice boat, don't think my Mrs would let me have a third boat though lol

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In mine opinion, to be offered at such dumped price, something must not be OK.
-Mine Mk.II My1972 suffered of some -resolved- assembling particulars i.e. galvanized steel nuts & bolts together galvanic problems, resulting in rottening major teak external fittings, substituted for the big majority. Obviously, nuts & bolts fully corroded. Same for interior parts usig same material.
-Inner covers, masonite made, weighty, hygroscopic  & stinking hodours retaining, completely substituted by 8mm marine plywood spray painted w.three layers of semi-matt polyurethanic varnish.
- I remember that pure cost of replacing nuts & bolts w. sst or brass, once I reached the approx amount of today's 1.500 €, yes, one thousand and five hundred neuros, I stopped to take such record, and so on.
- In other words, I think that we are facing the classic 50% : or it is a monstre bargain or, on the contrary, a monstre cheating...I've never seen that gold is sold for a song . ==
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