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Dear all,

I have managed after much thought and anguish to order a new set of sails for Colne Clipper, I blame Halinda for this as she gave me stak pak envy, So i have a new mizzen, new main and new 150% genoa. in egyptian cream. the main has a stak pak!
now what to do with the old set? I think i would like to sell them, the main and Mizzen are by Hoods circa 1996 and are in pretty good condition, the main has a "dutchman" furling system http://www.doylesails.com/cruising/dutchman/index.html which i have found great, but alas was not able to order a new system for the new main sail due to unavailability. The Genoa is 150% and has had quite a few miles under it, although still serviceable (not hank on)  all are in the red tan colour favoured by the clippers when built and have sail covers by James Lawrence. anybody interested!?

all the best


why worry, be happy......

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Iwill happily take blame if lonton and gray made them otherwise not guilty lol
S Manning
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